What Our Puppy Buyers Say…


"We are so grateful to Terrie and Tucker Brook Labs for bringing our yellow lab Greta into our family. She is the best dog and is truly a testament to Terrie and her breeding program. Greta is sweet, silly, loving, gentle, and spunky - she is perfect and we couldn’t ask for a better dog. Our black lab is named Tucker (from a different breeder) so we were instantly drawn to the name of Terrie’s business and we are so lucky to have found her! Terrie was a dream to work with throughout the whole process. She kept us updated with photos of the puppies once they were born and let us come visit a few weeks before the puppies were ready to go home so we could meet them and decide which would be the best puppy for our family. We spent a happy hour outside in the grass with all the puppies and both we and Terrie quickly realized which puppy should be Greta. The dogs were obviously all so well cared for and happy in Terrie’s beautiful home - every dog was treated as a family dog with lots of love and attention from the very beginning which made for an easy transition when Greta came home with us to her forever family. To this day, at nearly 4 years old, Greta still LOVES to be outside laying in the grass surveying the yard and we always say it is because that is what she did at Terrie’s house for the first 8 weeks of her life! In the four years since Greta came home with us, Terrie has kept in touch with us and commented on our Facebook photos of Greta. She has sent care packages for our dogs and even included a baby blanket identical to the one Greta came home with so we would have two blankets when we told her how much Greta still loved her special blankie. We were able to visit Terrie at her home when we were in Maine last summer and it was so special to be able to bring Greta back to the place where she was born so Terrie could see her all grown up! We are so grateful for Terrie’s kindness, generosity, and obvious love of her dogs that continues even after they have moved onto their new families. We have been thrilled with every part of our experience with Tucker Brook Labs and we recommend Terrie and her puppies to anyone who is looking to get a dog. We hope Greta is the first in a long line of Tucker Brook Labs in our family and we are so thankful to have Terrie and her dogs in our lives!”

 Bob & Michelle J. 

Penacook, New Hampshire

"My name is Charlie and I thought you might like to hear about Terrie and Tucker Brook Labs straight from the puppy’s mouth. My litter of eight yellow labs was born in January, 2020 and Terrie’s voice was the first thing I heard because she delivered and raised us in her home, right next to the kitchen with all those wonderful aromas! Day and night, she was there to attend to us and our mom Bogan—washing our blankets, and keeping our whelping pen and potty area super clean. After we started walking around, she made sure we had lots of fun toys to play with, and when her chores were done, she would sit in the pen and let us climb all over her so she could feel our puppy teeth. When we were old enough, Terrie’s children and grandchildren came to play with us so we could meet some new people. And when the weather finally warmed up a bit, we went outside to play in the grass, grab some sticks, hear the birds, and smell the coastal Maine air. That was so much fun! I could tell that Terrie cares very much about her dogs and puppies. I let her think that I was a little shy, so I got extra cuddles and ear rubs, which I love. She posted lots of photos and videos on Facebook for the owners-to-be, from birth, to play times and our first visit to the vet, to the bath we got before pick-up day. Terrie also makes herself available to new puppy owners for advice or questions during those first few weeks, and beyond! My human mom is really grateful for the relationship she now has with Terrie, and with the owners of my littermates through a Facebook group she created to share photos and information. I know Terrie enjoys seeing photos of us growing up, and reading about how we’re all doing in our new homes. I’m five months old now, and I’m proud to say that I’m the smartest and best-looking pup in my obedience class! In fact, I’m so darn handsome that my mom is sure to hear from L.L.Bean or Subaru any day now! But it’s not just me, my littermates and all Tucker Brook puppies are really beautiful—raised with Terrie’s years of experience, and lots of TLC. So take it from me, if you’re looking for a new addition to your family, you won’t go wrong choosing Terrie and Tucker Brook Labs.”

Tucker Brook’s Penobscot Bay Charlemaine, with help from my Mom Jill

Plainville, Massachusetts 

​​"It is not difficult to find the words to describe the amazing experience we have had with Tuckerbrook Labs. In June 2018, we added our name to Tuckerbrook’s “Waiting List” for a little yellow girl. After “patiently” waiting a year and a half, I finally “got the call”, Terrie messaged me that she had a yellow litter coming and that I was at the top of the list.  When I spoke with Terrie the first time, I felt an instant connection and was immediately put at ease. Terrie’s dedication and love for her dogs is clear from the moment you meet her. She is truly a hands-on breeder who loves her dogs and raises them in a love filled home.  This is evident in the quality and temperament of her puppies.  On January 25th, Terrie sent me a picture of a little yellow blob with a pink ribbon and my heart melted.  And then on March 19th, we made the 5 ½ hour trek to Maine from Rhode Island to bring this little bundle of joy home.  Tessie came into our lives at the exact perfect time, we were home 24/7 due to the Covid Pandemic. She is sweet and loving and has brought the perfect amount of energy into our home. We are so appreciative for all they do to create the most healthy, beautiful English Labrador puppies and are thankful for the friendship that we've established with Terrie.  We will forever be grateful to Tuckerbrook Labradors and that they are an extremely conscientious breeder whose goal is to produce the absolute best dogs possible."

Jane  and Chris  B.

Middletown, Rhode Island

"I can say without a doubt I am so grateful we found our little boy Lager at Tucker Brooke Labs. He is the happiest, well socialized, and goofy boy we could ever ask for. Lager was born and raised right in Terrie's home with his mom and siblings, as well as a grandma and aunts and uncles I am sure. Terrie has a wonderful setup for the puppies and they get 24 hours, round the clock attention while in her care. I am convinced Lager is the happy confident little puppy that he is because of the attention and socialization and dedication Terrie has to her puppies and older dogs. I could not be more grateful as Lager has brought so much joy to our home, I could not imagine life without him. We look forward to bringing home a little brother for Lager from TuckerBrooke when the time is right. I am so grateful for Terrie being there to support us as we learn all the ins and outs of raising a puppy and we know that if there was anything we ever needed she would do what she could to support us and our little bundle of joy. Again I cannot say enough good things about getting our puppy from Tucker Brooke, we are already looking forward to a sibling for Lager! He is, like I said, a calm, loving, happy, and confident puppy who loves his snacks, his doggie friends and doggie daycare, and everyone he meets. He provided a much-needed team bonding practice with our girl's high school field hockey team for which I still get compliments on how wonderful that experience was for the girls .. He loved it !!! We cannot thank you enough Terrie for the joy Lager has brought to our lives."

Tracy & Chris B.

Brunswick, Maine

Today is Rex’s 4th birthday! Thank you Mae and George for giving us our 2015 Christmas gift, the incentive/deposit for a half sibling of your sweet Rosa. You knew we were ready for an addition to our family ... even if we didn’t know it at the time.  Rex is one very special dog! Terrie Underhill Kelly you raise some pretty amazing dogs! I recently told you that Rex is like no other dog we’ve ever had as part of our family. He is by far the smartest dog we’ve known ... he went from learning as a pup to ring a bell to let us know he wanted to go out to opening the lever handle on the storm door and letting himself out.  He has now taught us to keep the storm doors locked!  In addition to being smart he has the sweetest and most loving personality ... AND he’s goofy! Here are some of our favorite photos of our sweet, goofy and lovable Rex! PS ... disclaimer .... Rex is a “little” spoiled. He is the only dog in our family to ever be allowed on our furniture including our bed.  He is unconditionally loved! ​

Sara H.

Hollis, New Hampshire

“Terrie Kelly is wonderful and has a special place in my heart, and also the rest of my family’s too.  Terrie allowed us to adopt her boy Humphrey and he has been such an incredible addition to my family after a tough loss of Winston.   You know her dogs are wonderful if my father says “I love this dog”.  He has always put up with me bringing my dogs to work and his house. When Humphrey isn’t there, he’s asking “where’s my Humphrey?”  She and John are wonderful people that we consider friends. “  

Stephen A.

Augusta, Maine

“If you are looking for a beautiful, friendly, personable, happy, smart, loyal addition to your family, I would only recommend a Tucker Brook Lab! We added our yellow lab to our family last year and we already plan to add another. I keep in contact with Terrie about our boys progress and she is genuinely interested to hear about him. She is very invested in all of the puppies from her litters. We have been nothing but impressed with our puppy and Terrie!” 

Jessika G.

Stockton Springs, Maine

“Venkman has been a wonderful addition to the family and was so easy to train! He’s such a good natured dog, great with dogs, people, children, everyone! He rocked his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy exam and is welcome at Jared’s school, surrounded by teenagers, everyday. Venkman is just naturally loyal, obedient, and eager to be at our sides.” 

Maureen C.

Belmont, Massachusetts 

”We are so happy to have a Tucker Brook Lab.  We had just lost our lab named Tucker and found out that Terrie’s lab Brooke just had a litter of pups. Terrie was awesome, letting us visit our new puppy until it was time for him to come home. She has such a great place to raise the pups. We were so impressed with how clean everything was and the space they had to play. We wouldn’t hesitate to have another pup from Tucker Brook Labs!!!” 

Nancy V.

Rockland, Maine

“My husband met Terrie & John on a job back in 2007 or 2008. With them was Moxie their chocolate lab pup, who would be the mother of our 2 Tucker Brook Labrador Retrievers, Mossy 9 years young & Uisce almost 5 years. Love TBLabs. Terrie is awesome & her puppies are beautiful.”

Karen R.

Brownville, Maine

“We love our sweet Rosa. She is the best of the many dogs we have had. She is the perfect family member with a great disposition. We can’t thank Terrie and John of Tucker Brook enough for our sweet Rosa!”

George & Mae E.

Concord, New Hampshire

“We have a Black Lab from Terrie and we could not be happier. Terrie even agreed to meet us halfway to pick him up. If we were to get another pup we would DEFINITELY contact Terrie first. Stand up breeder!!!!!!” 

Emma Scott & Lucille B.

Templeton, Massachusetts 

 “Quality dogs, quality time, quality care.... wonderful environment and amazing people!” 

Mary H.

Whitefield, Maine

"Fabulous breeder. Fabulous puppies. Insightful, supportive, honest and caring.” ~Stephanie S. - Delray, FL

Stephanie S.

Delray, Florida

Lincolnville, Maine

Photo Credits: Terrie Kelly, Karen Cheney, Kim Harrington, Jeremy Kezer , Doug Burgess, Susan Follansbee

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