Killingworth’s Moxie Surprise


In 2006 we welcomed our first Labrador Retriever into our home. Moxie is the one who started our love affair with the breed.

She was the true definition of “Man’s Best Friend” 

Moxie was fortunate enough to have 2 best friends! John and Cody ♥️

Moxie spent the first half of her life as a job site dog, attending work each day with John. She made friends wherever she went. She had her own fan club at the local building supply store and got treated to many cookies by visiting each counter separately. 

When she wasn’t co-piloting in the truck, her favorite place to be was at camp or in a boat. 

We never intended to have puppies when we brought Moxie home, but after some persuading from our veterinarian, we bred Moxie with his male.  

With 2 different litters, Moxie provided our family with 3 “grand-puppies”… One puppy for each of our 3 sons.  Peyton, Josie & Maisey.

When Moxie was 7, she went to permanently live with Cody’s family and her own daughter Josie, where she enjoyed the couch life.

6/22/2006 - 11/18/2016

Lincolnville, Maine

Photo Credits: Terrie Kelly, Karen Cheney, Kim Harrington, Jeremy Kezer , Doug Burgess, Susan Follansbee

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